Tips For Small Plastering Jobs

When there is a need for some plastering jobs at home, you do not always have to call on someone to do the job for you. If you think you can do it yourself, especially if it’s just a small plastering job, then go ahead and do it. It does not require a big effort to accomplish the task. Aside from learning something about home improvement and repair, doing it yourself can free you from an expensive labour cost.

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Here are some helpful tips that you can follow as you work on that small plastering requirement that your home needs. You only have to go to the home improvement store and buy the plaster mixture that you need to do the work. There are different variations that you can find. All you have to do is ask the store personnel and get some advice on the right one for your wall or ceiling. You might be given some choices based on the material that needs plastering.

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Tip # 1:

If you are working on a small plastering job, you can get a 9″ small rubber ball that is no longer used and cut it into half. Combine the plaster mixture as needed for the job. Fill in the other half of the ball. When you are done, turn the ball wrong side out and it will clean itself. The dried plaster will fall out and you can place it in the right spot that needs the plaster. You can reuse this container for your next plastering requirement.

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Tip # 2:

After applying plaster on the small cracks and holes, you should use a wet paint brush to remove excess plaster. This will allow you to save time and effort in sanding the surface.

Tip # 3:

Remember to pour the plaster mixture onto water instead of pouring water into it. This will prevent the mixture from forming lumps. If you need the plaster to be thicker, you can use evaporated milk as a replacement for water or have water and milk combined and get a thicker effect compared to just using plain water.

Tip # 4:

If you are going to patch nail holes or small cracks, just use starch and salt. Just mix these into equal parts. Add water into the mixture and with a little amount of water, you will have your plaster ready for those holes. Fill them in and then smooth the surface.

Tip # 5:

Plasters easily become firm while doing repairs or during the project. It is advisable to add a little amount of white vinegar, and then mix it constantly to soften the mixture. When you have the derived texture, you can continue working by not wasting any plasters and maximize it instead.

Tip # 6:

Allow the plaster to dry for about a week before painting to make sure that the plaster will stay firmly and will last longer.

For better and smoother effect, you can sand the surface in preparation for painting when it is necessary. You just have to remember to always use safety goggles to prevent the dust and small particles to enter your eyes while sanding. Finally, after the work has been done, you have to make sure that you clean up your mess.

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